Faculty Host: Tom Clandinin

Ina Anreiter is a behavioral biologist and geneticist with interests in human development, neuroscience, and computer science. She studied at the University Lisbon and the University of Toronto, where she earned a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In 2019–20 she was a Schmidt Science Fellow and a visiting researcher at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. She is currently developing computational tools for the study of genetics and furthering her research on the long-term effects of environment and experience on biological processes. Ina is now an Assistant Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.  Congratulations, Ina!

Faculty Host: Rob Jackson

Sarah Cooley holds a bachelor’s degree in geological sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a PhD in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences from Brown University. Cooley’s research focuses on harnessing miniature satellites to remotely study greenhouse methane emissions from Arctic waters. She is passionate about building a stronger community of women and underrepresented minorities in her field and seeks opportunities to engage with, and learn from, the Indigenous Arctic residents of the regions she studies.  Cooley is currently an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon. Congratulations to Sarah, the Stanford Science Fellows program's first alum!