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Charles Roques-Carmes


Faculty hosts: Shanhui Fan and Jelena Vuckovic

Charles Roques-Carmes earned a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT in 2022. The focus of his work is free-electron light-matter interaction, inverse design, and nanophotonics—how light behaves on the nanometer scale and the interaction of nanometer-scale objects with light. At Stanford, Roques-Carmes will work with SSF faculty hosts Shanhui Fan and Jelena Vuckovic to research the fundamental interactions between X-rays and matter, with a focus on developing new X-ray imaging modalities for use in medical imaging and nondestructive imaging (such as airport security scanning devices). His research aims to enhance X-ray imaging’s sensitivity, compactness, safety, and robustness.

Portrait of Charles Roques-Carmes